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    About Us

    Our team of Med-Hun-Dent dental surgery has worked with enthusiasm for the health and sparkling smile of our patients for 21 years. Our strength is the high technical skills and reliability.

    Our aim is your satisfaction.


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    Beyond Bleaching Lamp

    The advanced method of bleaching.
    - Discolouration disappears.
    - Teeth have an improvement in colour of 4-14 brightness levels.


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    Sedoanalgesia- anaesthesia

    Anaesthesia for those who are afraid of pain.
    Sedation makes the treatment not only more pleasant but it teaches us to accept the dental procedures. The stress dissolution relieves the whole body system.


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    Our prices are up to 40 % cheaper and under the West- European price standard.

    -Implants from 600 €
    - Zircon crowns 300 € incl. prov.
    - Veneer crowns 200 € incl. prov.



Dentist Hungary, Sopron

Welcome on the website of the MED-HUN-DENT Dental surgery in Sopron!

Nice and healthy teeth make our face more attractive, indicate vitality and zest for life, they increase our self-estimation. Thus, You are one of the best investments for life.

On the following sites You have the opportunity to learn more about our dentistry and services.

Do You have further questions? We advise You gladly. We hope to greet You soon as a patient in our dental surgery.


Dental Services


The following sites provide You an overview of our services. All of the listed treatment techniques are controlled by our colleagues safely and reliably.

New: Smylist


In most cases it only depends on the individual taste of the dentist and the dental technician which shape the teeth will be given. But even with the best taste arn’t they able to take a good decision if they don’t see the teeth in the face before. Using the Smylist Professional smile design software the dentist demonstrates to you custom smile designs. After that the dentist takes some photos of the patient and uploads them into the software. The software simulates the effect of smiles with different character on the face. Finally the dentist and you choose the best smile type together.